amazing spiderman

Sony Sets Dates For Third And Fourth Amazing Spider-Men

It remains to be seen if Marc Webb will hang around the while. It seems unlikely he'd find time for anything else in between, and I can't imagine many directors wanting to spend the best part of a decade beating the same drum.

The Director Of Bridesmaids Wrote Some Of The Amazing Spider-Man

Paul Feig is now The Director of Bridesmaids pretty much everywhere he goes, which is definitely preferable to Director of Grounded AKA Unaccompanied Minors, Sabrina the Teenage Witch's First Season Science Teacher or Dad at Car Wash from Bad Teacher. But he does have plenty of other winning aliases, from Author of Superstud: Or How […]

Dealing Cool #4: A Retailer Perspective from Black Cat Comics

Welcome to the fourth installment of Dealing Cool, our new regular feature which shares retailer perspectives from among the racks and behind the register. Today, we're proud to present insight from Greg Gage of Black Cat Comics. Enjoy!     MY SHOP, DEFINED Set the stage for the Bleeding Cool viewer — what's the core […]