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Battle Action Special: Ennis, O’Neill lead Anthology’s Return
O'Neill is the artist on the revival of Kids Rule OK, writer Jack Adrian and artist Mike White's series about kids running amok in a post-apocalyptic landscape that was so infamous it helped lead to Action being pulled from shelves! Behind a brand new cover by Andy Clarke (Batman and Robin) and Dylan Teague (Madi), the[...]
Relay #1 cover by Andy Clarke
Until then, Jad, William, and their peers keep the peace and spread the word of Donaldson on every world they colonize. Relay #1 cover by Andy Clarke Relay #1 sets up an interesting hard sci-fi premise that is primarily based around the effects of religion and colonizing In the context of this comic, the two are almost[...]
New Series Clankillers and Relay Launch in AfterShock's July 2018 Solicits
That one is written by Zac Thompson and has art from Andy Clarke Plus, Brilliant Trash is receiving its first collected edition. Check out the full details of the solicits below. ANIMOSITY #16 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 07.25.18 writer: Marguerite Bennett artist: Rafael De Latorre color: Rob Schwager letters: Marshall Dillon cover: Rafael De Latorre w/ Marcelo Maiolo As Sandor prowls[...]
AfterShock Launches New Anthology Comic, Shock, with Neil Gaiman, Marc Guggenheim, Jim Starlin, Charles Vess and More
Presented in the European Album format (same as the recent Animosity: the Rise hardcover for LCSD), this handsome hardcover features the creative talents of Bill Willingham, Marguerite Bennett, Mike Carey, Jim Starlin, Michael Zulli, Charles Vess, Michael Gaydos, Andy Clarke, Andrew Robinson, Sarah Delaine, Phil Hester, Paul Jenkins, Neil Gaiman, Dalibor Talajic, Travis Moore, Brian Azzarello, Francesco[...]
For A Good Time, Buy Replica #2 Tomorrow
Replica #2 from Paul Jenkins and Andy Clarke is out tomorrow Available from all good comic shops and disreputable bathroom attendents… Number Two! In which Detective Trevor Churchill of the Terran Corporation discovers the only person more annoying than his alien partner is a clone of himself In which we visit with Number Two, Trevor's overworked and[...]
Detective Comics Holds The Line At $7.99 For Issue 900/Issue 19
Detective Comics #19 would have been the 900th issue of the comic if they hadn't have done that New 52 relaunch thing. So, in April, they'll be doing an 80 page comic for $7.99 by John Layman, Jason Fabok, Andy Clarke and a Mad Magazine variant cover. Looking at the size and the price point, do you[...]
A History Of Harpers Row In Batman #12
Also, Becky didn't draw all the book, there's a scene where Batman, absent for most of this issue, suddenly appears for a superhero fight and Andy Clarke's art kicks in, because suddenly we are in superhero territory It's jarring, but it's jarring for a reason It's rare that books use separate artists like this, Dave[...]