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Evangelion EVA Unit-02 Godzilla Crossover Figure Arrives from Aoshima
Iconic Japanese franchises clash once again as Aoshima has revealed their newest Evangelion collaboration mech We return to the world of monsters and Kaiju's once again as a new Mechagodzilla from the Godzilla franchise has arrived Asuka is getting an upgrade as her EVA Unit-02 is now a deadly killing machine ready to take on[...]

Evangelion x Godzilla Collab Arrives With Mechagodzilla From Aoshima
Aoshima has unveiled one of the craziest and most badass crossover creations to date as they combine the hit anime series Evangelion with the Godzilla franchise That is right, NERV has done the impossible and made their own EVA combat Godzilla with their very own Mechagodzilla This figure combines the might beast from the 2002[...]