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“Black Christmas” Remake Trailer Has Lots of “Sleighing”
Directed by Sophia Takal and co-written by April Wolfe, the film received unexpected backlash Wolfe took to social media to defend the change due to test screenings. Universal https://twitter.com/AWolfeful/status/1194694974626881536 Both "Black Christmas" Films Were Box Office Success Blumhouse's Black Christmas is the second remake of the 1974 classic Directed by Bob Clark and written by Roy Moore, the 1974[...]
“Black Christmas” Remake "Slay Bells" Are Ringing [TRAILER]
They would probably have to watch any videos related to the film to go, "Oh." Co-written by April Wolfe, the film stars Imogen Poots (Green Room), Cary Elwes (Saw, Stranger Things, Aleyse Shannon (Charmed), Brittany O'Grady (Star), Lily Donoghue (The Goldbergs, Jane the Virgin), and Caleb Eberhardt. Black Christmas hits theaters December 13th Check out the trailer. https://youtu.be/gF4yRYbo1WEVideo[...]