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Fighting EX Layer Receives a Free Arcade Mode Update

Arika decided to send out an update out of the blue and gave the game a brand-new free update that now gives you the ability to fight in Arcade Mode Unfortunately, the mode itself isn't that grand or spectacular.You face off against eight opponents chosen at random, followed by Hokuto as your end boss, with no[...]

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A New Character is Being Teased for Fighting EX Layer

With Community Effort Orlando (CEO) on the horizon to show off Fighting EX Layer, Arika took a moment to promote something new As a bit of promotion before the fighting tournament took place, the tweet below was shared by the company's vice president, Ichiro Mihara, promoting that a brand new character was on the way to the[...]

'Fighting EX Layer' Gets A Name And An Open Beta Date

Along with finally receiving the name Fighting EX Layer this week, Arika has announced that an open beta will be coming to PlayStation 4 on December 11th for their upcoming 2018 fighter Below is a brand new trailer showing off their characters and how the game is looking so far Enjoy! Along with finally receiving[...]

Arika's Unnamed Fighter Makes An Appearance At EVO 2017

Being set for what appears to be one big April's Fools joke on everyone, Arika showed off footage of their latest unnamed fighting game that will supposedly be out on April 1, 2018 The game is set for a PlayStation 4 release with beta test servers being promoted near the end of this year But the[...]

Street Fighter EX Characters Return

 The game featured in the below video, which features characters from the long-forgotten Street Fighter EX series, is fully playable, says Arika's Ichiro Mihara In fact, the game was playable at an exhibition event in Japan, though Mihara was a bit concerned that no one was going to show up because everyone thought it was fake since[...]