Arika's Unnamed Fighter Makes An Appearance At EVO 2017

Being set for what appears to be one big April's Fools joke on everyone, Arika showed off footage of their latest unnamed fighting game that will supposedly be out on April 1, 2018. The game is set for a PlayStation 4 release with beta test servers being promoted near the end of this year. But the part that's got people chatting is the characters involved.

First off, you got a couple people from Street Fighter Ex involved, Darunmister and Skullomania, which we covered back in April. A total of five characters were shown off in this short demo and teaser trailer (including Kairi, Shirase, and Garuda), but it seems there's going to be a lot more depth to the game's roster as time goes on. Or at least, that's what's been hinted at from reports at EVO on Twitter and Reddit.

The fact that we know so little about the game with it being less than a year from release in a genre where leaks are frequent is a testament to Arika being able to control their own information. But considering Skullomania just got revealed, there's going to be a lot more eyes on the project than before, which means we're going to start seeing leaks somewhere down the line. I'm kinda excited to see where this unnamed game goes, but for now, we'll just have to be patient.

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