A New Character is Being Teased for Fighting EX Layer

With Community Effort Orlando (CEO) on the horizon to show off Fighting EX Layer, Arika took a moment to promote something new. As a bit of promotion before the fighting tournament took place, the tweet below was shared by the company's vice president, Ichiro Mihara, promoting that a brand new character was on the way to the game while hiding some of the details as to who it could be.

A lot of people have more than accurately guessed that the new fighter is Pullum Purna from the Street Fighter EX series, which would put her right at home in Fighting EX Layer. The game is set to be released this week on June 28th for PS4, so any lingering characters the company has sitting int heir back pocket are bound to make their way into the public eye over the next few days. So the real question we have to ask is, how much is Arika holding back before the game comes out? Looks like we won't know the full answer until this Thursday.

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