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Skull Island Continues With The Birth Of Kong Comic
They are rolling out a new comic series from Arvid Nelson and Zid – Skull Island: The Birth of Kong The series is being called both a sequel and a prequel to the film and features Monarch operatives returning to the island to learn the truth about Kong The series is set to grow the[...]
Whilce Portacio Covers The Great Wall Prequel Comic
The 128-page graphic novel is written by Arvid Nelson and drawn by Gian Fernando It will be released January 24th. The Great Wall: Last Survivor Writer: Arvid Nelson Artist: Gian Fernando What if an army was created to defend our world from an enemy so dangerous, its very existence must be kept a secret? Built to keep out[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Robert E Howard Presents Thulsa Doom #1
Howard Presents Thulsa Doom #1 by Arvid Nelson and Lui Antonio The book has a cover by Alex Ross. From the pages of writer Robert E Howard comes the debut of Dynamite's Thulsa Doom! Written by Kull writer Arvid Nelson and illustrated by Lui (Red Sonja) Antonio, the opening story arc also features cover artist Alex Ross![...]
Dynamite To Publish Warlord Of Mars #100
Dynamite Entertainment has published nearly one hundred issues based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' Warlords of Mars and to celebrate the publisher is putting out a special 100th issue. This square bound book will contain stories by Arvid Nelson, Robert Place Napton and Mark Rahner and feature covers by Joseph Michael Lisner, Jay Anacleto, Fabiano Neves, Emanuela[...]
Arvid Nelson Takes On Warlord Of Mars
Arvid Nelson talks about his experience with the world John Carter with writer Victor Gischler. VICTOR GISCHLER: When you first learned you were going to write the classic Burroughs John Carter what was your reaction?  Pure excitement?  A little intimidated? ARVID NELSON: A little bit of both, actually! Reading each book three times was a great confidence[...]
Talking Horror With Steve Niles
Now writer Arvid Nelson chats with the master of the macabre about all things horror. Arvid Nelson: Steve! We met for all of a few seconds a few years ago I think the 30 Days of Night Movie was just hitting the screen You've made quite a  name for yourself as a horror writer both before and[...]
Jim Zub Talks About Writing, Motivation And Working In Comics
Arvid Nelson chatted with Zub about his career and how he deals with the comic industry. ARVID NELSON: I won't ask you "how did you break into comics?" because you've already got a great essay on your site ( but I would like to know what one of your biggest surprises is about writing comics[...]
Arvid Nelson On Science Fiction, Edgar Rice Burroughs And Lords Of Mars
Arvid Nelson has been in comics a long time having published his first issue of Rex Mundi with Image Comics over a decade ago Since then he's worked for Marvel (X-men Unlimited), DC (The Joker Asylum) and Dark Horse (Kull) Now he's switching form Robert E Howard to Edgar Rice Burroughs as he takes on[...]