Review: Thulsa Doom #1 By Arvid Nelson, Luke Lieberman And Lui Antonio

Thulsa01-cov-RossLook at the small Thulsa on the cover and the large Doom. This is a bad guy comic from the get go, even emphasising a certain syllable in common with a Marvel bad guy…

A Robert E Howard creation from the Kull stories, Thulsa is a the wizardic nemesis of Kull, appearing on Conan stories as well. Recently Dynamite inytroduced him into their line through the Red Sonja: Thulsa Doom books, but now he can stand on his own without chainmail bikini prefixes.

And stand he does, in a world beset with many groups with different agendas, his own suddenly doesn't seem too bad. That's one way to play a villain as protagonist, make everyone else, from child rapist barbarians to blood hungry babes with side boobage seem far worse, and Thulsa Doom a sane, rational, considerate voice, if one tinged with selfishness, against the opposition.

"No thanks, lass, you're alright..."

And there are of course intellectual property issues to consider. Thulsa Doom is the spitting image of Hollywood actor Djimon Hounsou. Which is handy because Dynamite are working on producing a Thulsa Doom movie, with Djimon in the titular role. And his has the motivation of being an ex-slave which can only help the audience forgive his excesses and understand his drives and desires, however bloody they may get.

And so we get muscular men out of a Frankie Goes To Hollywood video fighting the very earth itself, in the form of volcanoes, earthquakes and the monsters they produce, as well as The Greatest Monster Of All, Man. There ate  decadent post-Atlantean scenes of magical duelling, dust-covered fights tothe death between men who would put Arnie to shame. And at least one plucky youngster with pointy nipples who will no doubt save the day at somehwhere along the line. If you like your comics bloody, beasty and breasty, Thulsa Doom delivers in spades, broadswords, knives and big pointy things that could take your eye, spleen, liver and soul out.

It's barbaric, it really is.

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