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Atari VCS box
This morning, Atari sent out a brief notice to all fans that the Ataribox would be going up for pre-order this week on December 14th No other details were released this morning, as we're guessing all of the news for the pre-order will be coming on Thursday along with the official release date for the[...]
Atari VCS box
Along with some brand new images sent out today, Atari has released new details about their upcoming console, the Ataribox GamesBeat got an exclusive interview with Feargal Mac, the Ataribox creator, to discuss what the new console had in store for people and they got some interesting answers Among the highlights were that the system has an[...]
The Ataribox Is Atari's New Console, Will Support Classic And Current Games
This morning, Atari sent out a newsletter showing off their new console, the Ataribox, complete with a pair of photos and some minor details about the system First, let's take a quick gander at this thing. credit//Arari The goal of the new system in Atari's eyes is to stay true to the fanbase while incorporating new tech[...]