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Atlanta Falcons Make Matt Ryan a $30 Million Dollar Man
The Atlanta Falcons are on the verge of making quarterback Matt Ryan the first $30 million dollar man in the NFL ESPN is reporting that Ryan has agreed to a five-year contract extension that will pay him a guaranteed $100 million and an excess of $30 million a year, making him the first player in[...]
NFL Draft Preview – NFC South
Here are the basic needs for the NFC South: ATLANTA FALCONS – The team has a glaring hole at defensive tackle with Dontari Poe leaving in free agency and no real replacement to step up on the roster This almost seems like a for sure first round choice for them Matt Ryan could use a few[...]
NFL Post-Mortem: The 2017 Atlanta Falcons
Collectively the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers went 32-16 which is a pretty astonishing record in a single division where they play each other twice But going into the season, the favorite had to be the Falcons who had just made a trip to the Super Bowl and were coming back with[...]
If you're watching the Minnesota Vikings take on the Atlanta Falcons today, which is currently at 14-9 Vikings in the fourth quarter, things may have looked a little off It's not that two normally high-scoring offenses are both being held somewhat in check, but rather the look of the field they are playing on Officials[...]
Robert Kraft
But Kraft chose to give his longtime friend something very special to put into the presidential library. The ring celebrated the teams 34-28 victory over the Atlanta Falcons, including 283 diamonds symbolic of the 28-3 deficit they had to overcome That is the most diamonds ever used in a Super Bowl ring and twice what the[...]
The company has locations all across the country, but we're going to take a closer look at the city of Atlanta, where there are Chick-fil-As in multiple sports stadiums including Sun Trust Stadium, home of the Atlanta Braves and Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons. To open a Chick-fil-A franchise, you have to[...]
Early NFL Power Rankings – The Ever-Changing NFC South
I'm taking into account where the teams ended last season, their off-season moves, draft picks and coaching changes, as well as the competition they are going to be playing. Atlanta Falcons: There is a term in football: Super Bowl hangover, and it's very serious The losing team rarely makes the playoffs the next season (Unless you're the[...]
New England Patriots' Super Bowl Ring Features 283 Diamonds
But team spokesman Stacey James told ESPN that the rings have exactly 283 diamonds…a reminder of the 28-3 third-quarter deficit the team had to come back from against the Atlanta Falcons to win their fifth Super Bowl.  Owner Robert Kraft said in the announcement: "We have had the good fortune to now celebrate five Super Bowl championships,[...]
The Atlanta Falcons Plan To Honor Michael Vick, Quarterback And Criminal Dog Abuser
The Atlanta Falcons plan to hold a retirement ceremony on Monday to honor former quarterback Michael Vick and wide receiver Roddy White Neither player is currently with the team and they won't be signing one-day contracts as many players of done in the past. Word that the team would honor the two impactful players came from[...]
Needs Around The League – NFC South
Last year it was the Atlanta Falcons who took the division with the Panthers falling from 15-1 to 6-10 after a devastating loss in Super Bowl 50 We go into the season wondering if the Falcons can repeat, if Brees has anything left in the tank, can Jamis Winston take the next step and are[...]