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Star Wars Actor John Boyega Becomes Emotional At London BLM Rally

John Boyega Gives Emotional, Impassioned Speech At London BLM Rally

Star Wars actor John Boyega went to the Black Lives Matter protest rally in London today, where he gave an impassioned, moving speech to the people there. "I'm speaking to you from my heart, look, I don't know if I'm going to have a career after this, but f— that." he started. He spoke through […]

Joe Cornish Latest Rumored Frontrunner For Star Trek 3 Director Job

Wyatt was probably never going to pan out since he gets attached to a new film every other day, and it's about time Cornish got back behind the camera since he hasn't directed anything since Attack the Block, which is a shame.The film is scheduled to shoot in summer 2014, so there's some time for[...]

Brandon Generator Takes Over Attack The Block Ad Breaks On Channel 4

Attack The Block was written and directed by Joe Cornish, collaborator on the Ant Man and Tintin movie scripts with Edgar Wright Edgar also produced the film And it's having its network premiere on Channel 4 in the UK right now.Which is why the interactive motion comic Brandon Generator, created by Tommy Lee Edwards, Edgar[...]

Nathan Fillion Guest Stars In The Superheroes, A Web Video From Sam And Tim Daly

Check out this jingle from The Adam & Joe Radio Show, the lamented BBC 6 Music highlight from Adam Buxton and Attack the Block director Joe Cornish.[youtube][/youtube]Clearly something 'royalty free.'Thanks to Superhero Hype for the webisode. The starting point for this mini-sitcom episode is that Nathan Fillion and Tim Daly have both provided voices for animated[...]

101 Films From 2011 That You Really Shouldn't Have Missed

Attack the BlockSuccessful as both a big, bold action film, complete with monster movie scares and an iconic hero, and as a great character comedy Executing a film that blends genres this intrinsically is always tricky, but debut director Joe Cornish seems to have drawn on a legacy of films that he really, truly loved,[...]

America! Watch The Best Film Of The Year (So Far) For Just $0.99

Right now, Amazon in the US are offering online rentals of Attack the Block for just $0.99 Clearly, that's an offer too good to pass up.I think it's the best film I've seen this year - so far at least - but lots of other people have shared their enthusiasm for the film too: A superb[...]

So How About Attack The Block: The TV Show – Or An American Remake?

I've really, truly loved Tyrannosaur, Arrietty, Crazy, Stupid Love and lots of other films this year, but so far, none has meant as much to me as Attack the Block.But I've said it before, and I'll keep it on repeat: I'm not at all precious about remakes or sequels If somebody wants to have a[...]

"And Now An Important Message From The Director And Star Of Attack The Block"

Here's a PSA starring Joe Cornish and John Boyega, the director and lead actor of Attack the Block It's most amusing.[youtube][/youtube]Attack the Block remains the best film I've seen all year, and despite some stiff competition Please go see it, I really think you're very likely to fall in love with it.I also agree with[...]

Live From The Attack The Block Panel

The US trailer has played, and we're now into a clip. Edgar Wright and John Boyega are charming the pants of the crowd, but this is Joe's show, and so it should be. Cornish has made a remarkable film and I think Hall H must be in the process of falling in love with it. […]

Alien For Sale On E-Bay Seems To Be A Casualty Of Attack The Block

There are four not-very-revealing pictures included, one of which is above.Now, I'm thinking this is some kind of Attack the Block publicity stunt Here's the evidence:It's appeared for auction now, just before the film is due for release. It's being sold from London, where the film is set - not to mention being promoted from The seller[...]

Attack The Block Gets Toothy New Poster And TV Spot

The aliens in Attack the Block are at once very familiar and brilliantly original And they've got really, really scary teeth.Who ever designed the above new poster seems to have worked out at least that last part for themselves.If you can help me remember what it is I'm reminded of (besides the opening credits of[...]

Make Your Own Attack The Block Cast Out Of Paper

Can't get enough of that Attack the Block stuff? Then load up the inkjet and get ready to print, because thanks to Edinburgher Sally, creator of We Are Paper People, you can now build your own gang of South London hoodies out of nothing more than good old 80gsm.She's provided cut-out-and-crease designs for five of[...]

Second Trailer For Attack The Block

I've now seen Attack the Block, having been leaning forward intently, tracking its every move for a couple of years I don't want to go into too much detail right now, but I think it's a great film, probably better even than its reputation amongst the bloggers, critics and festival punters who have seen it[...]

Sunday At Kapow – How It Went Down

I was particularly relieved that the crowds were thin enough that one could walk around freely, and anything up to medium-sized cat could have been swung quite happily just about anywhere in the building. Next year, I'd personally like to see more film business, but I suppose that's like Rich asking for more comic book events[...]

Sony To Release Attack The Block In The USA – So Send Them Flowers

Doubters, stop doubting, because the redoubtable Attack the Block is coming to the US of A.Joe Cornish's sci-fi action comedy - something like John Carpenter with a slightly more humorous sense of humour - has proven to be a huge hit with the privileged few who've already seen it Here's the trailer and first TV[...]

Attack The Block's First TV Spot Reminds Me Why I'm So Excited About This Film

This first TV spot for Joe Cornish's Attack the Block was premiered during an episode of Skins Must be the sci-fi connection they were working there.[youtube][/youtube]Apologies to any visitors from outside of South London who sadly won't have been able to understand a single word of that without subtitles[...]