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Austin 3:16- The Most Iconic Promo Ever Happened 25 Years Ago Today
 What happened next, improvised live on the spot by Austin, became the most quoted and iconic promo in wrestling history, generated millions of dollars in merchandise sales, and was the spark to light the rocket that would launch Austin and the WWF into becoming pop-culture phenoms. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin cuts his iconic "Austin 3:16" promo[...]
It's 3/16! Happy National Stone Cold Steve Austin Day!
 Of course, I'm describing the most popular wrestler of all-time, Stone Cold Steve Austin, as we celebrate him on what has become an annual tradition on March 16, in correspondence with his patented Austin 3:16 catchphrase. Happy 3/16, aka Stone Cold Steve Austin Day, image courtesy of WWE. Austin is obviously the face and the catalyst for WWE's[...]