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Alejandro Rosado Draws Comics You Know For Kids At C2E2

Alejandro Rosado Draws Comics, You Know, For Kids, At C2E2

Makarim Salman writes for Bleeding Cool,C2E2 has an extensive family area, with Lego, Yokai Watch, a stage area and drawing supplies.At 2pm on Friday, Alejandro Rosado, a member of the Aw Yeah Comics Bullpen, held a well-attended drawing workshop for kids of all ages.The session started off with Alejandro asking for character suggestions from the[...]

Things To Do In Philly This Weekend If You Like Comics&#8230 And Wrestling

Things To Do In Philly This Weekend If You Like Comics… And Wrestling

but recently they took on the Aw Yeah Comics! characters by Art Baltazaar and Franco. In honor of the 38th Anniversary of the store and the release of the comic co-written by the wrestlers; Daniels and Kazarian will be at Fat Jack's (their website) on Saturday June 7th for a signing from 1pm to 4 pm[...]