Alejandro Rosado Draws Comics, You Know, For Kids, At C2E2

Makarim Salman writes for Bleeding Cool,


C2E2 has an extensive family area, with Lego, Yokai Watch, a stage area and drawing supplies.


At 2pm on Friday, Alejandro Rosado, a member of the Aw Yeah Comics Bullpen, held a well-attended drawing workshop for kids of all ages.


The session started off with Alejandro asking for character suggestions from the audience which led to the creation of Flash Bob – a mash-up of the Flash and SpongeBob characters.


Great advice from Alejandro: He starts with simple shapes. Squares, circles and triangles. Princess Bubblegum he thinks of as a Bell. He tries to draw his characters with dynamism which leads to them often being drawn at an angle.


The session continued with hints on drawing Sonic the Hedgehog, Beast Boy and Daredevil, amongst others.


Did his lessons pay off? Probably in other attendees. But as you can see from the below, I won't be headhunted for an exclusive contact with the Big 2 any time soon.


Alejandro, who lives in Chicago, does regular art teaching workshops on the South Side with middle school kids.

"I enjoy working with kids and seeing that creativity is a real joy." said Alejandro when I spoke to him after.

He can be contacted at

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