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Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen (Image: HBO).
The Peabody Awards Board of Jurors selected the "remix" pseudo-sequel to Alan Moore and David Gibbons' comic book classic as one of 60 nominees for this year's awards (earning its nod in the Entertainment category). The Seventh Kavalry went looking for Dr Manhattan, and they found him on Watchmen (courtesy of HBO). The Peabody Awards recognize the[...]
2015 Diana Jones Award For Excellence In Gaming Shortlist Announced
By Christopher Helton With Gen Con  at the end of the month, award season for tabletop roleplaying games is in full swing Last week the ENnies were announced, to no small amount of controversy, and today the Diana Jones Award shortlist has been announced While, like with any award, the games included (or excluded)  can generate controversy, but I[...]
Dotter Of Her Father's Eyes Wins Costa Award For Best Biography
Announced on BBC's Front Row (listen to it here), Dotter Of Her Father's Eyes by Mary Talbot and Bryan Talbot has won the Costa Best Book Award for Best Biography.  Another graphic novel had been noiminated for Best Novel, Days of the Bagnold Summer by Joff Winterhart. Bryan Talbot tells me; It's amazing, not just for us but[...]
Now Mike Carey Wins An Inkpot Award
Louie Falcetti, reporting for Bleeding Cool from San Diego Comic Con tells us that Mike Carey, in his Spotlight panel at the show, has just been handed this year's writer's Inkpot Award, as Geoff Darrow was for the artist's award earlier today. He seems rather happy, don't you think? You can follow Louie on Twitter, here.   [...]
Tony Lee, Steve White And Mark Buckingham To Judge Eagle Talent Award
The MCM London Expo is now the home of the longstanding Eagle Awards (and yes, you can vote for Bleeding Cool there) But with Fables co-creator Mark Buckingham, Danger Academy co-creator Tony Lee and Titan Publishng senior editor Steve White, they are launching a new competition to reward and recognise new British talent. It's all being paid[...]