Con season is coming up! Do you have a bag to carry your swag?

Con Season Is Coming Up! Do You Have A Bag To Carry Your Swag?

In a handful of days, C2-E2 will be kicking off the convention season. This is one of my favorite times of the year — I love convention season! And to celebrate, why not get yourself a fancy new bag to carry your swag in? These bags will be the envy of your fellow con attendees […]

How Will You Carry Home 50 Free Comic Book Day Comics?

Why, it's an Amanda Conner-designed Free Comic Book Day tote bag. Perfect for trailing around comic stores and building the full set… Not that you'd do that of course. Would you? Check your store for availability…

Can You Find Neal Adams' Lost Bag?

  Legendary comic book creator Neal Adams left a beige Bucky O 'Hare bag in the trunk of a Crown Victoria Yellow Cab in New York. It happened to have two portfolio books of original art in it. They are working with the New York Police and the Taxi and Limosine department to try and retrieve the […]

Carry Your Comics Home In A Bag That You Will In No Way Find Demeaning

Coming to a comic store near you very soon courtesy of DC Comics, a new plastic carrier bag featuring Ivan Reis' Justice League on one side, and an ad for the TBS show King Of The Nerds on the other. The bags will arrive mid-December, the show, a competition reality show hosted by Robert Carradine […]