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Greg Capullo's Page for Batman #50, as Jim Lee's Pencils Get a 1:100 Cover

More Batman #50 details emerge – not whether or not they actually go through with it, of course. The comic is by Tom King and Mikel Janin. But here's the list of creators creating one page for the comic. Neal Adams Rafael Albuquerque Lee Bermejo Greg Capullo Becky Cloonan Amanda Conner Tony S. Daniel Jay […]

Batman #50 to Go On Sale on Midnight of Tuesday, July 3rd

Batman #50 is to go on sale on Wednesday, July 4th, What a say for a Batwedding. However, DC Comics have now said that any store that wishes to sell copies from midnight at the end of Tuesday, July 3rd is welcome to. As well as everything else DC Comics is publishing that week. Which, […]

Jim Lee's and Arthur Adams's Covers for Batman #50

Oh, go on then… Jim Lee's and Art Adams's pencils for their Batman #50 covers, the wedding issue (allegedly), and both covers are open-order… the only tiers will be on the wedding cake. I'm wasted on this place — I really am. So anyway, here's Jim Lee's pencils… And here's Arthur Adams' inks. It's time […]

A Few More Batman #50 Wedding Covers from Jorge Jimenez, Jason Fabok, and Frank Cho

You know, if Batman doesn't actually Catwoman, as seems a strong possibility knowing Tom King's tendency to bait and switch, there may be a lot of disappointed Batman Wedding variant covers… But chin up. Here's a few more, as specially commissioned retailer exclusive covers. Joe Jusko has a variant somewhere from Midtown Comics. You can see […]

Joe Jusko Shares His Process for the Batman #50 Retailer Variant Cover

Have you seen these television commercials for Facebook as they try to apologize for allowing millions of people's personal data to be released to companies without permission? They talk about connecting to friends and family, etc… but if they wanted to point out some amazing things on Facebook, I submit the work-in-progress reports by legendary […]

The Full Art Credits for Batman #50 – the Wedding Issue

Earlier we pointed out the Joker's wedding invitation — in his mind, at least — to the wedding of Batman and Catwoman, as seen in DC Comics titles today. During which, we also got the full lead art credits for Batman #50 for the first time as well. Greg Capullo who drew the book for the […]

Dan DiDio Congratulates Tom King on Batman Selling 100K+ for 50 Issues

In the modern superhero comics landscape, it's not easy for a comic to break the 100,000 issue sales barrier. Only a few titles come close on a regular basis, and even fewer if one factors out #1 issue reboots, super-mega-crossover events, incentive-variant-fueled ponzi schemes, or loot crate boosts. But Batman seems to have the magic touch, according […]

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Lee Weeks to Join Tom King on Batman Ongoing Series in the Run Up to #50

Here are the solicitations for Batman #44 and #45 in April 2018. BATMAN #44 Written by TOM KING • Art by MIKEL JANIN and JOELLE JONES • Cover by MIKEL JANIN • Variant cover by OLIVIER COIPEL Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details. "SOMETHING BLUE"! Follow […]

All Star Batman #1 Sells Around 350,000 Copies

We told you the other week that Harley Quinn #1 had sold 400,000 copies to comic book stores. Of course it managed this with plenty of exclusive retailer variant covers, which added 60-100,000 to the total. Well, with far fewer exclusives, the more expensive All-Star Batman #1 by Scott Snyder, John Romita Jr and Declan […]

American Idol's Chris Daughtry Draws Batman #50 Variant

American Idol singer/artist Chris Daughtry is doing a variant cover for Batman #50 and showed it off along with two color variants. Daughty who is no stranger to working on comics stepped in on a cover that was originally supposed to be done by Jim Lee. Daughtry drew the cover with Lee's guidance and then Lee's […]

Batman #50 Tops Advance Reorders As Marvel Shows Rude Health

Greetings from the coal face of the direct comics market. Where retailers try to increase their orders of certain comics ahead of sale. Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are coming in and how retailers are reacting to new, unanticipated desire! The […]

DC's Retailer Exclusive Covers For Batman #50 And Superman #50 Just Kinda Go Together

Looks like these Superman #50 and Batman #50 retailer exclusives are all going to make their own special double issue. We saw Dynamite's earlier, here's Midtown's…  Also worth noting that the previous posted Superman #50 and Batman #50 1:100 covers by Dave Johnson also fit together into a Superman V Batman image… Here are those […]

Amanda Conner's Connecting Variants For Batman #50 And Superman #50

This March sees the release of the 50th issues of the books that started the New 52. Two of the biggest are Batman #50 and Superman #50, both will ship with regular and polybagged variant covers. Batman #50 has a cover by Greg Capullo and a variant by Jim Lee. Superman #50 has a cover […]