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Pictures The Batman, it would appear WB decided to announce the official release date for the picture, and update everyone on the Ben Affleck situation. The Batfleck will NOT be a part of The Batman, as Affleck will reportedly be "passing the Bat-torch" to the next generation of caped crusader. The Batman will release on June 25th 2021. [...]
ben affleck
Affleck dropped out as director, then writer, of standalone Batfleck Batflick, The Batman, and rumors all year have claimed Warner Bros is looking for a graceful way to replace him in the beleaguered superhero movie franchise But recently, Affleck expressed a new desire to direct a Batman movie, and reportedly had fun filming Justice League[...]
Ben Affleck
We've written more than 60 articles about Affleck since last November, most of them having to do with his seeming inability to make a decision on the role. Originally, Affleck was set to write, direct, and star in The Batman, the standalone Batfleck Batflick that was meant to follow his role in Justice League However, Affleck[...]
Ben Affleck Justice League
The actor had previously appeared withdrawn, first dropping out of directing follow-up standalone Batfleck Batflick, The Batman, then no longer writing it, leading to rumors that he may not even want to star in it anymore Thankfully, it seems that finding the right ratio of actors to directors and a more lighthearted tone for the movie[...]
Batman In Movie Starring Gal Gadot Is Best Batman, Says Gal Gadot
However, Bleeding Cool is confident in saying that Affleck is definitely in Gadot's top ten or twelve Batman, even if Batmen from all mediums are included. "I think that Ben is such a good actor," Gadot said, really laying it on thick, of Batfleck, with whom she will continue to star as part of DC's cinematic[...]