Caption This New Justice League Photo [CONTEST]

When a new photo showing off Wonder Woman, Batman, and The Flash from Justice League surfaced in a People Magazine interview this morning, we thought to ourselves: "What could be better than scoring a quick and easy clickbait article out of a dumb photo?" And then it hit us: scoring two quick and easy clickbait articles out of a dumb photo would be twice as good.

Caption This New Justice League Photo [CONTEST]

With that in mind, we're running a Caption This Photo contest for the new Justice League photo. The rules are simple. All you have to do is post a caption for the photo in the comments of this article, in a tweet @BleedingCool with the hashtag #CaptionThis — or in a self-addressed stamped envelope mailed to 666 Fifth Avenue. We'll pick the top five captions that we personally found to be the funniest and run them in a follow-up article.

We get double the clicks for one photo lifted from a fluff interview. You get to see your stunning wit showcased to a global audience of the world's least discerning comic book news readers. If you're lucky, Rich Johnston will mention how funny you are to all his British comic creator buddies the next time they're drinking at the local pub. And all you have to do is come up with one little caption. Surely, you can handle that. Look, we'll show you:

Caption This New Justice League Photo [CONTEST]
"Stand back, boys. I'll take care of Joss Whedon."

So what are you waiting for? Post your best captions below!

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