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Tina Guo Releases New Wonder Woman Theme Video
Tina Guo is the cellist behind the Wonder Woman theme that was first introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and is now part of the upcoming Wonder Woman solo film The original song was written by Hans Zimmer and Guo was brought in to play on the soundtrack Now the cellist has arranged[...]
BvS Doomsday Almost Actually Looked Like Doomsday
Anyone who has seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the incredibly long, clunky titled last major instalment in the DC connected film universe (Suicide Squad didn't really further the connected universe much, let's be honest), featured what was essentially Doomsday in the film…though drastically different from the comics. Because after all, this Doomsday was made[...]
Tina Guo Takes The Wonder Woman Theme A Bit More Metal
Tina Guo, a cellist who worked with Hans Zimmer on the Wonder Woman theme in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, posted a more metal version of the song In the clips Guo not only plays the cello but also does the bass line… and as a bass player, I've got a new tune to[...]
The Big Blue Boyscout Is Just That With This 1/2 Scale Statue
Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are spotlighting the new Superman 1/2 scale statue from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice The piece stands over 40" high with base, that's close to 3.5 feet tall The polystone statue is designed from the likeness of Henry Cavill and features a cloth costume and LED spotlights in the base[...]
Kaitlyn's Bottom Eleven Movies Of 2016
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice The DC universe started out the year with a bang; this was supposed to be The Movie This was the one to kick off the entire DC Cinematic Universe This had two of the most recognizable names in comics history fighting each other, yet the movie was a huge mess[...]
The Love And Hate Reaction To Suicide Squad
This is similar to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that (27% critics v 65% fans) What can explain the diverse reactions? Could it be something as simple as the critics are tougher on movies than fans are? I have a theory… and that is part of it. When a movie like this comes out, I[...]
This Is The Big One – Everything Wrong With Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has people liking it or hating it, but no one says it's a perfect movie And this shows you 20 minutes of where they think Zack Snyder got it wrong. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Everything Wrong With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ( [...]
The Ultimate Killing Machine – BvS 101: Doomsday
In the final BvS 101 to go with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Jason Inman takes a look at Doomsday Originally created back in 1992 to kill the Man of Steel, the backstory of the character didn't come until much later But his backstory makes him a bit more sympathetic and what was called[...]
Batman v Superman Gets An Honest Trailer
The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies Ironic that a film that pits two of DC's biggest heroes against each other was so divisive among fans and critics They don't pull any punches in this video, pointing out the good and the bad starting with Zack Snyder's aptly named production[...]