Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Zack Snyder Supercut Collage

Zack Snyder Want Someone to Make "Man of Steel"/"BVS" Supercut

Zack Snyder held a viewing party on Sunday for his film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and a variety of topics were discussed. One such topic was that he would like to see someone make a "supercut" connecting Man of Steel and BVS together to form one giant superfilm. As we all know, the […]

Henry Cavill Not Done As Superman-"It's Still Mine"

Henry Cavill is not done with Superman yet, if he has anything to say about it. The star is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Men's Health, and in the feature story of the issue, he had this to say about his possible future as the Man of Steel: Cavill's stayed silent […]

'Supergirl': Our Top 10 List of "Lexiest" Lex Luthors of All Time (TV/Film)

For our money, Jon Cryer is currently stealing every scene (and everything that isn't nailed down) during his run of the CW's Supergirl. With that in mind, how does he rank among all those actors who have dared to portray one of the greatest super-villains of all time? Glad you asked! Here's a look at […]

'Aquaman' Just Became the Internationally Highest Grossing DC Comics Film

Sure, maybe box office returns aren't indicative of the audiences' enjoyment of a film, but it certainly makes a statement. Like with Warner Bros. Pictures most recent DC Comics release, Aquaman– which just set a new record for DC Comics superhero films at the international box office. As of today, Aquaman has surpassed the previous DC Comics […]

Gal Gadot Confirms A Wonder Woman Retcon

If there is one thing that comic book fans love above all else it's continuity. There have been entire story lines that were written just to alter continuity. So when Wonder Woman appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice she declared "100 years ago, I walked away from mankind." People assumed that the horrors […]

Wonder Woman Beats Superman V Batman And Suicide Squad For Second Weekends

The second weekend domestic box office numbers for Wonder Woman are very impressive. The film is tracking to make $57.2 Million by the end of the weekend marking it at only a 45% decrease from it's opening weekend. Most Superhero films, including films from Marvel Studios, tend to average between a 50 to 60% drop […]

Tina Guo Releases New Wonder Woman Theme Video

Tina Guo is the cellist behind the Wonder Woman theme that was first introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and is now part of the upcoming Wonder Woman solo film. The original song was written by Hans Zimmer and Guo was brought in to play on the soundtrack. Now the cellist has arranged […]

BvS Doomsday Almost Actually Looked Like Doomsday

Anyone who has seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the incredibly long, clunky titled last major instalment in the DC connected film universe (Suicide Squad didn't really further the connected universe much, let's be honest), featured what was essentially Doomsday in the film…though drastically different from the comics. Because after all, this Doomsday was […]

Tina Guo Takes The Wonder Woman Theme A Bit More Metal

The things you find on Twitter. Tina Guo, a cellist who worked with Hans Zimmer on the Wonder Woman theme in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, posted a more metal version of the song. In the clips Guo not only plays the cello but also does the bass line… and as a bass player, […]

What Logan Did Right – A Lesson to Other Superhero Films

There has been a great deal of commentary with the release of Logan in cinemas about how it isn't just a great superhero movie, but a great movie overall. Repeatedly, the tired phrase 'it transcends genre' is trotted out, which is usually stuck up film critic snobbery code for 'I think sci fi/fantasy/superhero/genre films are […]

The Big Blue Boyscout Is Just That With This 1/2 Scale Statue

This is one BIG Superman. Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are spotlighting the new Superman 1/2 scale statue from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The piece stands over 40" high with base, that's close to 3.5 feet tall. The polystone statue is designed from the likeness of Henry Cavill and features a cloth costume and […]

Batman Vs Superman Wonder Woman premium Format Figure Up For Order Thursday

Sideshow has given us a full look at their Batman V.S. Superman Dawn of Justice Premium Format Figure. The figure will be cast in polystone and contain a metal sword. There will also be a Sideshow Exclusive version that features a swap-out left hand holding an Amazonian shield. The figure itself is quite impressive, standing […]

Kaitlyn's Bottom Eleven Movies Of 2016

As a movie critic you get to see good movies early but it also means that you have to sit through a lot of crap, too. Those reviews can be cathartic to write but it also hurts to see potential flushed away on bad decisions. 11. Zoolander 2 One of the downsides to the modern […]

DC Film's Jon Berg Says Justice League "Accelerated" To "Hope And Optimism"

While to some, the darker and elements of nascent DC Films universe has a certain appeal, it has also been the core of some the harshest criticism leveled against the productions thus far. But it seems the grim and gritty era will soon be at an end. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal(via […]

Voice Actor Kevin Conroy Uncomfortable With Batman's Choice To Kill In Batman V Superman

While talking to IGN about playing Batman across several animated series, games and direct-to-video movies, including the recent Batman: The Killing Joke, voice actor Kevin Conroy revealed that he was uncomfortable with the character's apparent choice to kill in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. "Batman never kills anyone – I loved that fact," he […]

Direct Man Of Steel Sequel Reportedly In The Works

Though Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice began its life as a sequel to Man of Steel, the film ultimately became something else. And as the film evolved into an opening chapter for the DC Films universe, its status as a sequel became murky. But according to The Wrap, a direct sequel to Man of […]

The Love And Hate Reaction To Suicide Squad

If you look on Rotten Tomatoes, you'll find that the Suicide Squad has a low score with the critics (26%) and a decent score with the fans (72%). This is similar to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that (27% critics v 65% fans). What can explain the diverse reactions? Could it be something as […]

Anti-Rotten Tomatoes Movement Misses The Mark — An Opinion

It was fairly late Monday night after the Suicide Squad screening when everyone had finally assembled for the group Skype call with Disney. Variety and The Hollywood Reporter had been there before everyone else, and BuzzFeed was trying to convince us they'd been there first but was having "connection issues". ScreenCrush came in at the […]