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The Last 'Battleborn' Update Will Occur In The Fall
While the game itself will be sticking around online for people to continue playing, Battleborn will no longer be updated after the fall In a message to their fans on the company's message board, Creative Director Randy Varnell announced that the final update for the game will happen sometime in the next couple months and[...]
Battleborn Is Getting A Free-To-Play Multiplayer Version "Without Limits"
Developer Gearbox Software has announced Battleborn's Free Trial, which is a free-to-play version of the hero shooter's multiplayer modes And while the title might sound like this is just a trial period, that doesn't appear to be the case. The free version of Battleborn includes unlimited access to all competitive multiplayer modes in the game "without[...]
The Latest 'Battleborn' DLC Has Some Hidden 'Borderlands' Easter Eggs
Battleborn fans got some cryptic easter eggs in their most recent DLC that point toward another Gearbox Software title on the horizon: Borderlands 3 People in the Battleborn forums, as well as the Battleborn subreddit discovered several signals being transmitted from portals that would eventually spawn in the recent DLC ops When you take all of the[...]
Battleborn Gets A Mobile Game To Go Along With Its Release
Battleborn is out today on consoles and PC, bringing the Moba, team based, arena shooter 'thing' into the world It looks pretty unique. It's not the only game with the Battleborn name to be released today It's been announced by 2K a mobile game called Battleborn Tap, and it's a free to play deal Take a[...]
The Battleborn Launch Trailer Is Here And It Shows Off The Roster
Battleborn didn't half sneak up on me The game just came out of beta and it will get its full launch come next week. As is mandatory with AAA games, the launch trailer is now here too As is the norm with Gearbox trailers, this one is pretty snappy with a distinct soundtrack It even does[...]
Battleborn Gets A Story Trailer And Dates For Its Open Beta
Battleborn is on its way soon The character based arena/MOBA/shooter-ish game has started to ramp ups its marketing With the game slowly getting previewed and into people's hands, it seems as if the buzz is pretty positive. As this new trailer shows, it won't be too long until it gets into all of our hands though[...]
Battleborn Has Been Delayed Until May
I'm still a little undecided on Battleborn I've played it a couple times now, and it really could go either way in terms of quality It's got good ideas and it plays with neat concepts, but it certainly needed a lot of tightening to win me over from what I've played. That's why I'm pretty happy[...]
The Battleborn Villain Has A Message For Us All
Battleborn has been on a huge convention tour this summer The game was all over, trying to get the title in as many hands as possible That is smart because it has felt a little lost in the weeds of late. Here is something to perk you up though This new video introduces you to the[...]
Battleborn Gets A Trailer Confirming February Release Date
I played Battleborn at E3 and while I wouldn't call it anything less than good, it just didn't grab me The shooter x MOBA set up is interesting and it has a neat artstyle, but it also didn't capture my imagination as much as I wanted it too I'm ready to love this game, I[...]
Watch 25 Minutes Of Gearbox's New Game Battleborn
I got to play Battleborn for a while at E3 It is a neat idea, essentially bringing Moba style rules to a Borderlands like game The characters are inventive and it has a real wit to the writing, but I just can't seem to drum up much enthusiasm for it. Now, when the game finally hits,[...]
Battleborn Resurfaces With A Very Stylish Trailer
I'm going to be seeing Battleborn in less than two weeks as part of 2K Games' E3 showing I'm looking forward to it too It is supposedly MOBA-ish, and seeing Gearbox playing with that genre could be really fun. We don't know too much about the game, but here is a really slick trailer for the[...]