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"The Masked Singer" Reveals "Bella" Of Group C Ball [SPOILER REVIEW]
Bear and Swan clumsily crooned their last tunes I'm pretty sure T-Rex will be the next to leave, despite her spunk. I never would've guessed Bella Thorne as Swan Mask I don't know much about her Those talky performances didn't even help make her voice identifiable Even if it was, I still wouldn't recognize her voice[...]
"The Masked Singer" Season 3: Group C First-Reveal Makes Un-Masking History [SPOILER REVIEW]
7 | THE MASKED SINGER ( BEAR can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Clues: Bear | Season 3 Ep 7 | THE MASKED SINGER ( can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Bear Performs "Baby Got Back" By Sir Mix-a-Lot | Season 3 Ep[...]
Pixar Writer BringsTale of Good Doggo to Archaia in Bear OGN
The comic is misleadingly titled "Bear," but it's actually about a titular dog who is named Bear, and billed as "an all new adventure about making your way in the world with a little help from your friends." From the press release: Bear is a guide dog who loves looking out for his owner, Patrick[...]