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Doctor Who Kicks Off the Disney Era with Gleeful Insanity
You might have heard of "Save the Cat" – it's Hollywood screenwriting slang for "showing the hero saving someone or an animal to prove they're sympathetic and likable." All of "Space Babies" is "Save the Cat" – dialed up to eleven. You feel like if Davies starts out the new season of Doctor Who this crazy,[...]
Entire George Pérez & Klaus Janson Marvel Beatles Comic Art At Auction
The Complete Beatles Story written by David Anthony Kraft that they created together for Marvel in the seventies All thirty-nine pages in one lot, currently receiving bids totalling $9,900 which is a bargain for anyone's money I don't know if George Pérez fans or Beatles fans will get this but someone will… also that means[...]
Julian Lennon Writing Graphic Novel For Kids, The Morning Tribe
Alejandra Green and Fanny Rodriguez are the creators of the Fantastic Tales of Nothing graphic novel series, the first book of which will be published in October from Katherine Tegen Books. Julian Lennon was the direct inspiration for three Beatles' songs Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, whose lyrics describe a picture he had drawn as a[...]
Image Comics to Kill Off a Beatle in Paul is Dead This April
His friend is no longer there, and that means the Beatles are no longer there, either But John wants to know the truth, and with George and Ringo, he starts to re-examine the final hours in Paul's life. Set in the magical atmosphere of Abbey Road Studios during the writing sessions for Sgt Pepper, the definitive[...]
Titan to Publish The Wrath of Fantomas, Plus a Massive Yellow Submarine Box Set
The book will hit stores in January 2019, published under the Statix Press imprint. Additionally, Titan revealed an upcoming limited edition box set release of The Beatles: Yellow Submarine, the graphic novel by Bill Morrison based on the movie based on the album by the band As you can see from the graphic below, it comes[...]
William Stout: A Career To Envy
Probably his most infamous piece of work in his entire career was the cover for BeatlSsongs! BeatleSongs! was an album filled with songs by various artists but not with covers of Beatles songs, but instead with songs about the Beatles The cover included an image John Lennon's killer, Mark Chapman Both Stout and Rhino Records[...]
Titan Beatles Yellow Submarine Vinyl Figures
The Beatles Yellow Submarine film is turning 50 soon, and on top of publishing a graphic novel adaptation, Titan will be releasing another wave of Beatles blind box 3-inch vinyl figures Titan vinyl figures are pretty neat, and these will be no different, with some neat variants complimenting the wave as well. Titan Merchandise is proud to[...]
A Marvel/DC Crossover? An Elvis/Beatles Crossover? What's Going On?
What if you were also determined to publish an Elvis Presley and The Beatles Coloring Book: For Kid's Ages 5 to 10 Years Old? I don't believe there are bigger lawyers than the folks represented on behalf of those two particular music brands… Found on Amazon The Batman, Spiderman, and Superman The Super Hero's Trio[...]
Talking To Vivek Tiwary About Beatles
Pete G talked to Vivek Tiwary at C2E2; I wanted to actually start off a little bit by asking you, because, you have such actually have quite a bit of history with rock music with American Idiot and everything like that.  Is there something about rock music that draws you to this, or what was it[...]
A Semi-Coherent Glossary For The London Olympic Closing Ceremony
We get a journey home via the Beatles music and Ray Davies sings us his Kinks hit Waterloo Sunset It's a love song to London, and makes reference to the affair Terrence Stamp and Julie Christie had when filming Far From the Madding Crowd, meeting by the clock at Waterloo station – in Davies' narrative,[...]