Bene Gesserit

Dune: Rebecca Ferguson Talks Calm Empowerment of Bene Gesserit

'Dune': Rebecca Ferguson Talks "Calm Empowerment" of Bene Gesserit

Paul will be played by 2-time Oscar nominee Timothèe Chalamet (age 23), and Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation star Rebecca Ferguson (age 35) will be playing Jessica, Bene Gesserit.We mention the ages, because it's a little odd, right? Just a bit? Once we find out who's playing Leto maybe it'll make more sense, as it is noted in the[...]

Rebecca Ferguson May Join Dune The Lady Jessica Anyone

Rebecca Ferguson May Join 'Dune'; The Lady Jessica, Anyone?

Variety says that Ferguson is currently in talks to join Dune.Ferguson has shown tremendous ability in an action role -- while that isn't everything the Bene Gesserit mother of Muad Dib is within the story, it's an important part of their time on the planet Arrakis It also gives us a better idea of the general[...]