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LEGO Shows Us How to Get to Sesame Street With Its Newest Reveal
From Elmo's World, Big Birds nest, to the shared room of Bert and Ernie, thesis one LEGO Set that will bring a cheerful tear to your eye. LEGO Ideas are a very unique and fun way to open u the world of LEGO to fans The creator of this set, Ivan Guerro, was so inspired by[...]
Hawkeye logo (Image: Disney+/Marvel Studios)
Four months later, the series is starting to make some news, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. Hawkeye logo (Image: Disney+/Marvel Studios) Troop Zero directors Amber Finlayson (Bert) and Katie Ellwood (Bertie) are set to helm a block of episodes In addition, Saturday Night Live director Rhys Thomas (Staten Island Summer, Comrade Detective, and John Mulaney & the Sack[...]
Sesame Street's Mark Saltzman Wrote Bert and Ernie "As A Loving Couple"
Saltzman In 1969, the famed felt pair of Bert and Ernie made their debut in the pilot episode of Sesame Street – and would remain a famous (and permanent) fixture on the long-running children's series For nearly a half-century, these main Muppets used song, dance, and rubber duckies to make generations of kids into better human[...]
Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie Share Their Backstory 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' Style
Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie have a message for Will Smith and Jeffrey "DJ Jazzy Jeff" Townes: pop culture isn't big enough for two teams of '90s neon-clad, high-fivin' TV rappers, gentlemen So pick up your banana and take their call: they're coming for your throne — and Rubber Duckie's ridin' shotgun! Possibly as a response to[...]