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Amazing Spider-Man #93 Leaks Future Of Ben Reilly (Spoiler)
Earlier this month, Bleeding Cool mentioned that Amazing Spider-Man #93, the final issue of the Beyond Spider-Man arc was teasing a fight between Peter Parker and Ben Reilly Bleeding Cool had been pointing out how the removal from Ben Reilly of his lesson about great power and great responsibility, made synonymous with Spider-Man, was going to[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #88 Revives Mark Millar's Big Marvel Conspiracy
And, in battle in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #12, he confirms it all. Fiving Spider-Man quite teh existential crisis of it all. Well in today's Amazing Spider-Man #88, the first appearance of the new Queen Goblin, the Beyond Corporation are behind Ben Reilly being the new Spider-Man His suit, his new weapons, everything But what is the motivation? Norman[...]
Having focused earlier on his immediate on-screen family, The CW is now adding to Jared Padalecki's Walker "extended" family with the addition of Jeff Pierre (9-1-1, Beyond) Pierre is set to star opposite the Supernatural soon-to-be-alum as well as Lindsey Morgan (The 100), Keegan Allen (Pretty Little Liars), Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files), and Coby Bell (The Gifted)[...]
Freeform Targets Millennials With Cloak And Dagger TV Show In 2018
Because as we all know, if there's one thing that appeals to teens and millennials, it's throwbacks to the 1980s. As Freeform waits for Cloak and Dagger to save the day, the next show to take a shot at juicing those sweet millennial ratings will be Beyond, a show described as similar to Stranger Things, itself a[...]
Derek Fridolfs And Dustin Nguyen On Unnamed Batbook?
You know, we never did get any more news on the three Beyond books that DC were going to be publishing, JL Beyond, Superman Beyond and Batman Beyond… Thanks muchly to GothamSpoilers for putting together this little nugget Three facts they have squirrelled out. Dustin Nguyen is working on an unannounced Batbook for DC Comics. Common Nguyen[...]