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Here's a look at the title card for Doctor Who, "The Best of Days" (Image: BBC/Doctor Who Lockdown)
Especially because if fans are to believe Moffat's recent Instagram post, that's going to be the last thing he writes for the long-running BBC series. Produced as an epilogue/sequel to the canceled Doctor Who Lockdown rewatch of Peter Capaldi's "World Enough and Time" and "The Doctor Falls" and starring Pearl Mackie (Bill Potts) and Matt Lucas[...]
“Doctor Who”: BBC Releases Video of Modern Companions’ First Moments [Video]
Clara came to represent both the best and the worst excesses of Moffat's writing for the show, creating a sometimes needlessly convoluted Mystery Box puzzle as a long-term arc. Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) meets the 12th Doctor in his office at the university and wonders how he got the TARDIS in there. The 13th Doctor (Jodie Whittaker)[...]
Could Pearl Mackie's Bill Return To Doctor Who In The Future?
We've long ago come to terms with the reality that Pearl Mackie's Bill Potts would be a one-season companion on Doctor Who But is there hope she could return in the future? In addition to dealing with the first Doctor's "casual male chauvinism," this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special will see off Peter Capaldi's twelfth Doctor,[...]