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Swipe File: Bloodhound Quotes In 2004 And In 2013

Swipe File: Bloodhound Quotes In 2004 And In 2013

Dan Jolley, describing his comic book Bloodhound to CBR in 2004. "Radio edit: it's like 'The X-Files' if you replace Mulder with Conan the Barbarian," Cover quote to the new Bloodhound #1, which we reported on last week.Justin Jordan was probably about 12 in 2004.. I wonder where he picked up that phrase from?Feels a little similar[...]

Armed Massacres Gun Control And The NSA Get Superhero Analogues In Bloodhound

Armed Massacres, Gun Control And The NSA Get Superhero Analogues In Bloodhound

The issue is raised near the beginning, subtext made text, superpowers and their use being compared to projectile and explosive weaponry.Then suddenly we get an event, a bank robbery that goes wrong, with a now-superpowered robber causing massive death and destruction.And the world brings a solution.Bloodhound not only gives us a massacre ripped from the[...]