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The Seed is a Shallow 80s Horror Pastiche with Dull Misogyny
The alien in The Seed looks like it could be the monstrous fetus from Eraserhead, now grown up and out looking for dates, possessing mind-control powers to coerce women into having trippy Body Horror sex so it can impregnate them It doesn't have anything to say other than a slow, plodding trek towards psychedelic and[...]
The Kingdom: Lars von Trier’s Cult TV Series Gets 3rd, Final Season
The show was a heady combination of medical drama, soap opera, gothic horror, social satire, ghost story, political commentary, satanic horror, Lovecraftian cosmic horror, and all-out Cronenbergian body horror Von Trier had always been upfront about being influenced by David Lynch's Twin Peaks in the creation of the show. Still from "The Kingdom", Zentropa The cult show,[...]
Clive Barker’s Books of Blood Movie to Premiere on Hulu in October
They were written in the era of AIDS and fear of sex, and themes of gender, body horror and sexual anxiety drove much of the horror fiction at the time They were also amongst the few horror stories to deal with homosexuality and subtexts of sex work and BDSM Several stories were considered seminal and[...]
Junji Ito's Smashed is the Creepiest Horror Comic Stories You'll Read this Year
Body Horror is a recurring theme and imagery in the stories: people are mutilated, warped, distorted and changed Ito's people recoil in terror, their eyes wide in disbelief, mouths agape at the rational world falling away from them to reveal a yawning existential chasm of horror that's the true face of the world they live[...]