Inspector Gadget Cartoon Returns with New Figures from Blitzway

Inspector Gadget Cartoon Returns with New Figures from Blitzway

As you know Inspector Gadget, his niece Penny and her dog Brain are a crime fighting unit trying to stop the billions group MAD MAD is led by the notorious Dr Claw and it is up to Uncle Gadget to bring them all to justice Blitzway is bringing these animated characters to life in this[...]

Where In The World Are Monsieur Mallah And The Brain? (Spoilers)

Monsieur Mallah is a superintelligent anthropomorphic gorilla supervillain, and loyal servant to the Brain Created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani, they first appeared in Doom Patrol #86 in 1964, As a scientist, the man who would one day become known as the Brain performed experiments on animals to raise their intelligence One of these[...]

Titans #21 cover by Paul Pelletier, Andrew Hennessy, and Adriano Lucas

Titans #21 Review: The Struggles of a Recovering Addict

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]Monsieur Mallah and the Brain move onto the next phase of their plan, and Arsenal contacts Donna Troy about his experience with Cheshire’s drugs from last issue He tells her to tell the Justice League about what he’s discovered, but Batman finds no evidence of Roy’s claims They worry that he’s hit a backslide,[...]