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Breach: Cody Kearsley Talks Fitting In and Learning on the Fly
When it comes to film leads, Cody Kearsley is as fresh as they come, holding his own with the likes of his more seasoned co-stars Bruce Willis, Rachel Nichols, and Thomas Jane in the sci-fi horror film Breach Directed by John Suits (Pandemic), Kearsley stars as Noah, a blue-collar engineer who becomes a stowaway to[...]
Breach: Bruce Willis vs. Super Zombies in Nonsensical Sci-Fi Action
When the opportunity to work with director John Suits again for Breach, she couldn't pass it up I spoke to the actress about her latest film, how the role of Chambers compares to her other sci-fi projects, the stunt work of an indie film to the mainstream, and her co-stars "I had worked with John[...]
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In this episode, Jason chats with John Suits, Director of Breach (out December 18), starring Bruce Willis and Cody Kearsley Suits described the film as an homage to classics like Alien and modern zombie films The horror/sci-fi movie starts with a concept straight out of an even older classic, When Worlds Collide, with humanity fleeing earth[...]
Bruce Willis Stars In Another Sci-Fi Thriller, Breach Hits December 18
Bruce Willis will headline yet another sci-fi film, this one titled Breach Also starring Cody Kearsley, Rachel Nichols, and Thomas Jane, the film is directed by John Suits from a script by Edward Drake and Corey Large In the film, a crew flying a life-saving ark and fleeing a plague on planet Earth While in[...]
QC Games Show Off the Medic in Latest Breach Content Drop
QC Games have released images and a trailer for the latest addition to come to Breach as the Medic joins the game in the latest content drop Like a lot of healers in games, you're super squishy, but that's okay The character actually plays really well as you have the ability to send microbots to[...]
QC Games Reveals the Roadmap for New Additions to Breach
Breach is barely in Early Access and already the devs over at QC Games have released an official roadmap showing off what they want to add next Over the next three months, we're going to be getting three new hero classes in the Pyromancer, Shadow Master, and the Medic, along with a new map, several[...]
QC Games Launches a Proper Release Trailer for Breach
Before Breach launches onto Steam this week in Early Access, QC Games decided to release a proper launch trailer for the game to hype you up a bit The new co-op action RPG has been getting some decent attention from the colorful cast and the cool looking trailers they've been releasing the past few weeks, and now they're[...]
QC Games Announces a Launch Date for Breach
QC Games announced that their co-op action game, Breach, will be coming to Steam Early Access on January 17, 2019 Disrupting the traditional action-RPG genre by fusing explosive combat, RPG-like depth, and a flexible, customizable open-class system, Breach lets players to build their ideal hero and battle monsters on an adventure that fuses both modern Earth and a more mythological[...]
Breach Introduces the Elementalist Class With a New Trailer
QC Games introduced a brand new class in their upcoming action-RPG this week as the Elementalist comes to Breach As the name suggests, you'll be summoning a lot of your powers from nature in order to protect yourself and others, as well as dealing damage We have the new trailer for the class and a[...]
Breach's Elementalist Class Gets a Spotlight Trailer
Unlike some of the other classes in QC Games' Breach, the Elementalist uses the powers of the Earth to bring down enemies and protect their team As you might guess, the Elementalist is a member of the arcane school of magic that draws power from the natural elements like fire, wind, water, and ice. Elementalists are also[...]
Breach Unveils the Necromancer Class in New Gameplay Video
QC Games has released a new video for co-op action RPG Breach which gives us a look at the powerful necromancer class As you might expect, Breach's Necromancer class hero can summon undead soldiers and command them to charge against enemies in an explosion of unholy fire You know, the usual necromancer skills. The official class description reads: The Necromancer[...]
Breach Will Be Entering Early Access in January 2019
QC Games announced this week that Breach will finally be making its way into Early Access on Steam sometime in January 2019 The game is a third-person action RPG that's looking pretty good, as it should with former BioWare developers behind the project The crew extended hours on the Technical Alpha playtest happening from November 30th[...]
Breach Highlights the Auros Gladiator in Latest Trailer
QC Games released a new video for its upcoming co-op RPG Dungeon brawler Breach today The game allows players to choose from over 20 classes, with each having a few different loadouts To help you decide which class to run before the game launches in early access, QC is releasing a series of spotlight trailers[...]