Brooklyn Book Festival

Argentinian Comics Star Liniers Knows All About Being A Fanboy

Ricardo Siri Liniers, who draws under the name “Liniers”, was one of the special guests at Small Press Expo this year, and also an invited speaker at the Brooklyn Book Festival Of all the all-star comics guests the two shows managed to attract, Liniers piqued the most curiosity from fans because not only is he[...]

"The World We Live In Now In Comics Is The World We Were Hoping For" – Jeff Smith, Paul Pope, Faith Erin Hicks on Sci-Fi at The Brooklyn Book Festival

The Brooklyn Book Festival brings out all kinds of litterati, but comics have been taking their place at signings and panels there for several years with increasing attendance and clamor This year, at the "The Future: Big New Books in Comics Sci-Fi" panel, hosted by Publishers Weekly's Calvin Reid, Jeff Smith (Bone, RASL), Paul Pope (Battling[...]