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Tread Perilously Podcast — Babylon 5: Grey 17 Is Missing

Tread Perilously docks at Babylon 5 to take a look at the late season three episode "Grey 17 is Missing," a story even creator J. Michael Straczynski admits was difficult to write. Boy does it show as Delenn's ascension to Ranger One becomes a drier affair than it should be — and that's considering a […]

Advance Review: Lantern City #1 Well Exceeds The Hype

I went into reading the first issue of Lantern City with high expectations. Having the knowledge that there was already a reputation for the comic made me curious as to what all of the hype was about. Beyond that, the fact that it was Archaia's first ongoing series since 2007, gave me even more incentive […]

Prepare for Archaia's New Steampunk Comic Series: Lantern City

How far will a person go to protect the ones they love? Discover the answer in Archaia's new ongoing steam punk comic series entitled, Lantern City. Created by Trevor Crafts, Bruce Boxleitner, and Matthew Daley, written by Daley and Paul Jenkins (Fairy Quest), and illustrated by Carlos Magno (RoboCop), Lantern City marks Archaia's first ongoing […]


There's already a draft of the script for the next Tron movie and two of the film's producers, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, who were writers on Legacy, have read it. They probably shouldn't be saying anything, and indeed they're trying not to. But you know how it goes. It's hard to keep a secret. […]

Tron Himself Says Third Film Is "Done Deal" And "Already In The Works"

I've probably been less sceptical about the chances of seeing a third Tron than a second Sin City, but consider me tickled that today brought omens of both of these sometime long-shots being real, in-development films that are coming our way. Here's a very short video of Bruce Boxleitner, the man who was Tron, fielding fan questions about […]

New Live-Action TRON Is Here Already, As Legacy Epilogue Arrives Online

We were told that the new TRON: Legacy Blu-ray and DVD would include some kind teaser trailer for an upcoming third film. This, as it happens, was not strictly true but there is new content on the disc, in the form of an easter egg epilogue or two. Rocking up on YouTube today is some […]