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'Buffaloed' Review: Charming Indie Deserves to Find an Audience
[rwp_box_recap id="0"] Now open in select cities, the indie film Buffaloed is a great time at the theater Those of us that have debt, and there are a lot of us, maybe all of us, will relate to the goings-on here Our hero Peg (Zoey Deutch), desperate to get herself out of her home in Buffalo[...]
“Buffaloed”: Magnolia Promotes Film by Eliminating $1.5 Million in Medical Debt
Promoting their latest comedy Buffaloed, the studio teamed with the non-profit RIP Medical Debt, the studio plans to eliminate $1.5 million worth of medical debt, according to Variety. Magnolia Pictures Medical Debt – A National Problem The national 501c3 organization uses donations to purchase bundled medical debt portfolios through collections agencies The debts accrued from months to years[...]