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Dimension 20 Bares Its Fangs With 'Coffin Run' Campaign Trailer's Dimension 20 approaches a new season and new campaign with Dimension 20: Coffin Run The campaign, an all-new 6-episode TTRPG actual-play series led by Game Master Jasmine Bhullar will feature players Erika Ishii, Carlos Luna, Zac Oyama, and Isabella Roland. Season poster for 'Coffin Run' Source: The premiere episode of Dimension 20: Coffin Run will debut on[...]
Dastarque: On Dungeons & Dragons Homebrew Worldbuilding
Hello there, loyal readers, and fans of Dungeons & Dragons! Our tabletop writer has been busy with writing up the plot for their homebrew campaign, called "Dastarque," and, after quite a bit of deliberation, implementation, and play, the plot is ready to be discussed with you! A map of the Dastarquean peninsula, generated via Inkarnate[...]
#SavePlayer1 Gets Lynda Carter to Help Save Single-Player Experience
The video below hilariously campaigns to have the Single Player gaming experience saved from the brink It stars Lynda Carter as well, check it out below, along with a message from Bethesda: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: #SavePlayer1 ( Gaming, like life, is often about social interaction – a time to join with others[...]
Roland Mann's First Kickstarter Campaign – Citizens
Roland Mann writes, I started my first Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday Even though a few friends who'd run their own campaigns before warned me otherwise, I really thought the butterflies and anxiety would have gone away by now, a few days into it. They haven't. But they're more like those first date butterflies than standing up to the[...]
Launching A Campaign To Keep The Fictional Fictional
But once fantasy starts to actually happen around up, then we will have crossed some kind of Rubicon and all bets will be off. The Campaign To Keep The Fictional Fictional (CKFF or See-Keef) is campaigning to keep lines of fantasy and reality sufficiently delineated To preserve a respect for the natural order of things[...]
Clips Of Those DC Relaunch Costumes
You know how long it takes to plan and sign off a print advertising campaign Quite a while Months usually Especially when major brands and licensing are involved. So the appearance of the new DC Relaunch costumes, collars and all, in the Converse ads running in today's DC comic books must have been in the works[...]
DC To Run National TV Ads To Support Comic Book Relaunch
But how will DC reach that audience, given the insular nature of the comic book industry in the USA? Well, I understand that DC is to launch a major national television advertising campaign for the new line of comic books. Declaration of interest here, I'm an experienced advertising copywriter and only recently stepped down from a Head[...]