The Candyland Movie Is Modelled On Lord Of The Rings?

Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, the screenwriters of Kung Fu Panda 2, are currently at work trying to fashion some kind of credible screenplay for a movie based on the Candyland board game Instead of pitching this at the level of a Care Bears movie (as you might be forgiven for expecting), the plan is[...]

Hasbro Updates Aplenty – JJ Abrams, Ouija, GI Joe 2 And More

Peter Berg on Battleship, Rob Letterman on Stretch Armstrong, Kevin Lima on Candyland, Gore Verbinski on Clue, Ridley Scott on Monopoly Will Smith is producing Risk. A shame that the Rubiks Cube isn't one of Hasbro's I'd love to hear more about that movie.Thanks again to our Little Bleeder on the inside. Earlier today, Hasbro held[...]