Carl Burgos Archives

Battle #70 (Atlas, 1960)
The Marvel/Atlas war comic era started with War Comics #1, which hit newsstands in early September 1950, a little over a month after the United States entered the Korean War.  That war would soon help inspire a wave of war comic books from countless publishers in the early 1950s, but war comics would be a[...]
War Comics #43 (Atlas, 1956)
One of the foundational artists of the Golden Age of comic books, Carl Burgos is best remembered for his creation of the Human Torch, which debuted in Marvel Comics #1, the very first Marvel comic book.  Burgos is also relatively well known for his other Golden Age work, which includes the Iron Skull in Centaur's[...]
Target Comics #5 (Novelty Press, 1940)
Legendary comic book artist-writer Carl Burgos appears to have been interested in androids.  Most famous for his creation of the original Human Torch beginning in Marvel Comics #1, Burgos was also the creator of the Iron Skull (perhaps technically a cyborg) for Centaur's Amazing Man Comics #5, and White Streak for Novelty Publications' Target Comics[...]
Marvel Comics #1 Pay Copy (Marvel 1939).
The Marvel Comics #1 Pay Copy, one of the most famous individual comic books in vintage collecting circles, has just sold for a record $2,427,777.65 at ComicConnect.  That is by a significant margin the highest price ever paid for this 1939 release, which is the first comic book published by Marvel.  This particular copy of[...]
Pre-Code Horror in Haunted Thrills #13.
It's a shame that the cover artist of Haunted Thrills #13 is unknown because the skeletal in-your-face symbol of death on this PCH classic is driving the petrified couple in the backseat of that car straight to Hell.  Throw in some equally creepy interior stories like "Death Do Us Part" featuring a supernatural baboon and[...]