The Super Awesome Comic Review Show – Sex Criminals, Southern Bastards, Lazarus, Help Us Great Warrior!, Star Wars, And More
Shocker! Books featured for July 29, 2015: BOOM! Studios: Help Us Great Warrior! #6 Image Comics: Casanova Acedia #3 Marvel Comics: Star Wars #7 Image Comics: Southern Bastards #10 Image Comics: Sex Criminals #11 Image Comics: Lazarus # 18 See you again next week! Find us on Facebook here and here. The Super Awesome Comic Review Show returns to Bleeding Cool, recorded at the[...]
From Strip To Script – Casanova #1
Because…well, it's Casanova. Casanova is… Hm. Okay. All y'all remember the original Image run? Slimline format, Barbarella coloring? Yeah, those are the only comics I keep in my fire-safe box Not bagged and boarded or anything, just…if everything else burns down around me, I consider those copies of that comic irreplaceable. It's not my favorite comic, it's not an untouchably[...]
Anatomy Lessons – Casanova #1 by Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas writes for Bleeding Cool: "Execution Days" by Matt Fraction and Gabriel Bá Okay, so I'm just gonna come right out and say it—I'm pretty much insanely jealous of Matt Fraction, Gabriel Bá, and Fábio Moon's Casanova series… And I say this as someone who absolutely loves a ton of books by a ton of fantastic[...]
Swipe File: Action Comics Annual And Casanova
But does artist Marco Rudy owe a little inspiration to Gabriel Ba on Casanova? Here's the hardcover cover to Casanova and two pages from Action Comics Annual Don't simply dismiss the glass of wine, or the pose held as a slight coincidence… check the squares on the background And then those angular shapes… And for something little[...]
A Quick Run Through The Bleeding Forums…
So what exactly have my Little Bleeders been talking about today? Kenny finds the secrets behind Scalped at StandardAttrition. Gabriel reads Latino Review over the official and unofficial stories regarding the firing or non-firing of the GI Joe director. Patrick Drury wants more traded Casanova sooner rather than later. C Striker highlights the new Wildstorm blog, The Bleed with[...]