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Razer Reveals Multiple Products During CES 2021
Razer had an interesting CES 2021 as the company revealed multiple products that were both awesome and interesting at the same time For laptops, the company revealed two new models with the Blade 15 and Blade Pro 17, both of which offer amazing services but with different aspects in mind Meanwhile, we also got introduced[...]
ZOTAC Introduces Magnus One Mini PC Ahead of CES 2021
Before CES 2021 kicks off, ZOTAC decided to unveil their latest mini PC with the introduction of the Magnus One This particular model has been designed to be the most powerful ZBOX Mini PC made by the company to date, featuring a GeForce RTX 30 Series desktop graphics card We have more info about it[...]
Mad Catz Reveals The B.A.T. 6+ Gaming Mouse For CES 2021
Mad Catz decided to show off a brand new gaming mouse this morning before CES 2021 as they unveiled the new B.A.T 6+ This mouse is basically an all-around improvement on their previous model, including interchangeable additions that allow you to customize it however you wish, with what appears to be a direct catering effort[...]
Arcade 1Up Introduces Multiple New Arcade Cabinets At CES 2021
Arcade1Up has revealed the next line of arcade titles on the way for CES 2021, which includes the classic four-player X-Men cabinet The company will be showing off several new cabinets including what you see here and more from the images we have below Which includes a Killer Instinct cabinet and a Dragon's Lair cabinet,[...]
HyperX Reveals Multiple Gaming Products For CES 2021
HyperX just revealed a number of new gaming products on the way which they will be showing off this week during CES 2021 The company joins others who are highlighting new products on the way this year as they reveal a number of new gaming peripherals n the way The list from them, as you[...]
Western Digital Reveals New 4TB Capacity Drives
Gamers will be interested to know that Western Digital has revealed a new set of 4TB Capacity Drives for CES 2021 All four models go across the board in different product lines the company currently offers, giving gamers a multitude of options depending on what they're looking for in an SSD The four models that[...]