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Ch-Ch-Changes: Marauders, New Mutants, Black Widow, Amazing Spider-Man
A few Marvel Comics changes to upcoming titles, Marauders, New Mutants, Black Widow, and Amazing Spider-Man. New Mutants #21 will be drawn by Rod Reis, and not the previously solicited Alex Lins Rod Reis will also be drawing issue #22. Marauders #24 will be drawn by Phil Noto, and not the previously solicited Ze Carlos. Amazing Spider-Man #72[...]
Major Marvel Comics Creative Changes For May
Bleeding Cool has often run the Ch-Ch-Changes columns over the years, looking at slips between solicitation and publication when it comes to creative credit changes But the current Marvel list is rather more major than usual Why? Well, healthcare issues – especially outside the US without high vaccine levels – can be an issue, regarding[...]
Carnage and Curse Of Man-Thing Both Have Messy Creative Changes
The new anthology series Carnage: Black, White And Blood, being published by Marvel Comics in March, has undergone a number of creative changes. The first issue was solicited as being written by Donny Cates, Benjamin Percy and Tini Howard, and drawn by Sara Pichelli and Ken Lashley. Now Marvel is telling retailers that the first issue will[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes: Francesco Mobili Replaces Marco Fialla On Man-Thing
Changes Some comics deal with lateness or creative issues, not by delaying the book or books, but by replacing, in full or in part, the artist Here are a couple of Marvel changes to upcoming solicitations as a result And coincidentally they involve comics with Patrick Gleason Webhead covers. Avengers: The Curse Of The Man-Thing #1[...]
Plenty of changes and decisions being made under lockdown, it seems Looks like the furloughs have been good for some. Empyre is the delayed Marvel Comic book series that should have been out now We got a Road To Empyre prelude that summarised a lot of Marvel history, but Bleeding Cool got a look at both[...]
Marvel Ch-Ch-Changes
Nevertheless, this is who are helping those Marvel comic books get published on time. Conan: Serpent War #3 will be drawn by Luca Pizzari, along with the previously solicited Vanesa Del Rey. Ruins Of Ravencroft: Carnage #1 will be drawn by Angel Unzueta, along with the previously solicited Guiu Vilanova. Ghost-Spider #5 will be drawn by Ig Guara along with[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes to Solicits For X-Men #5 & #6 and New Mutants #5 & #6
Bleeding Cool previously reported changes for Marvel Comics X-Men #4 and New Mutants #4 but there are more to come X-Men #5 and #6 were originally solicited thus; X-MEN #5 & #6 JONATHAN HICKMAN (W) • #5 R B SILVA (A) #6 MATTEO BUFFAGNI (A) MUTANTS ARE THE FUTURE First, the Krakoan leaders attend an economic forum to show[...]
Marvel Ch-Ch-Changes – Sara Pichelli Off Spider-Man #6
A few more changes 'twixt solicitation and publication… Spider-Man #6 will no longer be drawn by Sara Pichelli but by Nico Leon. Still doing the cover. Guardians Of Infinity #7 will be drawn by Gerardo Sandoval, as well as the previously solicited Carlos Barberi. Squadron Supreme #9 will no longer be drawn by ACO but by Alex Cal and Leonardo Romero. [...]
Ch-Ch-Changes: King And Seeley Leave Grayson Earlier Than Planned
So there have been some changes at DC Comics regarding the Robin books And planned creative changes happening in April seem to have been moved forward for both Grayson and Robin: Son of Batman. The demands of upcoming biweekly relaunches? Grayson #17, originally drawn by Mikel Janin, now has art by Carmine di Giandomenico. Grayson #18, originally solicited as written by Tom[...]
Marvel Comics Ch-Ch-Changes – New Avengers And Scarlet Witch
A few changes 'twixt solicitation and publication. Not as many as DC Comics obviously, but they are rather busy right now. We mentioned creative changes on upcoming issues of Karnak, yesterday. Well there are a couple of other switched, as New Avengers #7 replaces Gerardo Sandoval with Joshua Dominick Cassara. And Scarlet Witch #4 switches out Marguerite Sauvage for Chris Visions[...]