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Official: Charles Brownstein Fired By the CBLDF
Comic book journalist Michael Dean at the Comics Journal has written a brand new article regarding the actions of Charles Brownstein, former executive director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, following up on his original reporting from 2006 We reported last month how former employee Shy Allott had requested – and received permission from[...]
Official: Charles Brownstein Fired By the CBLDF
Following the resignation of Executive Director Charles Brownstein as a response to long-reported sexual assault allegations and following a vote by the board to remove him, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) has agreed to release Cheyenne "Shy" Allott from a 2010 NDA she signed when leaving the company Allott posted a letter requesting release[...]
Official Logo of the CBLDF.
As a result of this stance, there are stories we haven't been able to run, or came late to, but also stories we have been able to run that no one else has. On Monday morning, Bleeding Cool reported on Charles Brownstein's decision to resign as director of the free speech advocacy group, the Comic Book[...]
Official: Charles Brownstein Fired By the CBLDF
It was back in 2005 and concerned the then-and-still Executive Director of the comic book free speech advocacy charity, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Charles Brownstein It involved claims that he sexually assaulted comic book creator Taki Soma This weekend Taki Soma reconfirmed the account, thanking those who spoke up for her I reported some[...]
Charles Brownstein, Ejected From the CBLDF?
A number of comic creators also talked about the first such case in the comics industry that saw significant internet concern, back in 2005, regarding the then-and-still Executive Director of the comic book free speech advocacy charity, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Charles Brownstein.  Brownstein has been director of the CBLF for eighteen years[...]
The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's Brownstein, Gomez Talk Censorship and Comics
Executive Director Charles Brownstein and Editorial Director Betsy Gomez gave a presentation that highlighted the state of censorship in 2017 and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's efforts to defend the people's right to read and publish comics. The first incident the team discussed was the attacks at Charlie Hebdo in 2015, calling it an important[...]
Manga Isn't All Porn: The CBLDF At ECCC 2017
Charles Brownstein paid a visit to the ECCC live stage this afternoon to give viewers a quick recap on what the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund does, and what they're currently fighting for If you aren't familiar, the CBLDF protects the freedom to read comics, and they offer legal assistance to comic creators if they[...]
Sex, Violence And The Law At San Diego Comic-Con With The CBLDF
Hosted by Greg Lukianoff (FIRE President) and Charles Brownstein (CBLDF Executive Director), they took questions and led discussion on the border between free speech and legal censorship. Starting with a history lesson, Lukianoff started with West Virginia State Board of Education v Barnette, the Supreme Court ruling that revolved around whether we could compel children to[...]
Pop Culture Houding Charles Brownstein Of The CBLDF
Chris Thompson writes, After last episode with Dark Engine's Ryan Burton & John Bivens (which you can listen to here), I'm finally back with Charles Brownstein, Executive Director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF). Charles & I discuss his background in comics, how he ended up working for the Fund, what the organisation stands for, and[...]
Things To Do In New York This Week If You Like Comics
Rutkowski, of "Ulysses Seen," and Charles Brownstein of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Artist Rob Berry and lawyer Chad Rutkowski, of Throwaway Horse, join CBLDF executive director Charles Brownstein for a lively discussion of censorship, comics, and the public good" The event will be held in room 523 of the Butler Library, located at[...]
Knowing The Enemy: Wertham, Censorship And The CBLDF
Carol Tilley, Associate Professor, GSLIS, University of Illinois; and Charles Brownstein, Executive Director, CBLDF Ray Flook wrote from New York Comic Con for Bleeding Cool; Like many die-hard comic book fans, for a long time I felt I already knew everything I needed to know about Dr Fredric Wertham: he was a conservative "nut-job" who went after[...]