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Horror, Sci-Fi, Or Suspense? Recapping Constantine 1.11: 'A Whole World Out There'
By Rich Epstein After three episodes filled with backstory and revelations about the rising darkness, Zed (Angélica Celaya) and Chas (Charles Halford), this week's Constantine was more of a monster of the week episode Four college students are in a crypt, drinking and playing around with some kind of spellbook Suddenly things get serious, as suddenly[...]
A Man Of Many Souls – Recapping Constantine 1.10: 'Quid Pro Quo'
Chas (Charles Halford) is already on his way there, and Zed books plane tickets for her and John. We go to a flashback…two years earlier, Chas and John are at a bar in New York John goes home with a girl, sticking Chas with the tab, but not before slurring some words in a foreign language[...]
Constantine: To Hell And Back – Quid Pro Quo
In last nights episode of Constantine we got to meet Felix Faust (Mark Margolis) and finally got some backstory and Chaz (Charles Halford) and find out why he helps John Constantine (Matt Ryan) when we know it's not John's charming people skills Here in the latest To Hell And Back, the cast and producers talk[...]
First Quick Look At Felix Faust In Next Constantine Trailer
Next week's Constantine ups the stakes quite a bit as Chaz (Charles Halford) turns to John (Matt Ryan) when his daughter is possessed… but when that doesn't seem to work out, he's willing to trade his own soul to Felix Faust (Mark Margolis) for help. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Horror That Works – Recapping Constantine: 'Rage Of Caliban'
Not a huge deal, but a nice little touch. John Constantine (Matt Ryan) and Chas (Charles Halford) head to Birmingham to investigate While John is investigating the house, Manny (Harold Perrineau) shows up, looking to draw up battle plans Wow, is the show actually going to move the rising darkness plot forward in this episode? Unfortunately,[...]
What Works And What Doesn't – Recapping Constantine Episode 5: 'Danse Vaudou'
I was half expecting to hear the Law & Order theme after the opening scene. Zed Martin (Angélica Celaya), John Constantine (Matt Ryan) and Chas (Charles Halford) are at the cabin Zed is trying to sense something from the map that Liv left behind John uses a (literally) medieval device to hypnotize Zed, who sees a[...]
Soul Selling Ain't What It Used To Be – Recapping Constantine: The Devil's Vinyl
By Rich Epstein This week Constantine goes back to the city.  Chicago, Illinois to be precise.  The show opens with an unknown woman (Joelle Carter from Justified) venturing into an abandoned building to retrieve a book hidden inside the walls.  She opens the book, and finds…a record.  She asks a friend, Bernie (Dikran Tulaine), to test[...]
Constantine: To Hell And Back – A Behind The Scenes Look At The New Series
NBC has released this short behind-the-scenes look at the new Constantine series that includes interviews with stars Matt Ryan (Constantine) Charles Halford (Chas) and executive producers David S Goyer and Daniel Cerone as well as DC's Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. Constantine debuted with 4.3 million viewers on October 24th. [youtube][/youtube] [...]