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Gundam Creator says Japanese Anime No Longer the Most Advanced
Yoshiyuki Tomino, the creator of the endlessly popular anime Mobile Suit Gundam, was interviewed by Real Economy, a Japanese business outlet, and dropped a bombshell with this controversial statement: "Japan is no longer an advanced country in terms of animation." Tomino chalked it up to the rising sophistication of Chinese animation and a lack of[...]
Kung Fu Mulan: New Animated Movie Aims for More Authenticity
Some even called the film "a disgrace to Chinese animation." In the movie, Mulan falls in love with the prince she was supposed to assassinate and ends up marrying him This is a variation on the romance subplot (not present in the original ballad) where Mulan falls in love with a fellow soldier and officer[...]
Kung Fu Mulan: New Animated Movie Aims for More Authenticity
The term has appeared in many government reports on the country's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chinese Animation Arrives at the Box Office With the box office success of Nezha last summer, blockbuster Chinese animated movies have finally arrived China hopes that its films can rival Dreamworks and Pixar movies at the box office, home products outpacing[...]