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Cliff Walkers: Zhang Yimou’s Spy Movie to Open in US and China
WWII spy thrillers have been a staple in Chinese movies for decades, where heroic and self-sacrificing Chinese heroes are pitted against the ruthless, deadly, and unambiguously evil Japanese Army Cliff Walkers is Zhang dipping his toe into those waters There are shades of French noir director Jean-Pierre Melville in the images here. There was a teaser[...]
A Writer’s Odyssey: CMC Pictures Reveals New Trailer, Release Date
This makes it one of the new Chinese movies worth your time You can follow the movie on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram via the hashtag #AWritersOdyssey. A Writer's Odyssey opens in the US on February 12th. A Writer's Odyssey (Previous title: Assassin in Red), the high concept Chinese fantasy blockbuster directed by Lu Yang (Brotherhood of[...]