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The Lion King's Scar Gets His Own Disney Villains Comic From Dynamite
Or do we? In April, Dynamite Entertainment – who have published Disney comics Gargoyles and the upcoming Darkwing Duck – will be publishing a Scar comic by Chuck Brown and Trevor Fraley And will look at the origins of his plan to murder his own brother and introducing the shaman of the Pride Lands, Rafiki[...]
Dejah Thoris
Dynamite Entertainment is publishing a new Dejah Thoris comic book series by Chuck Brown and Emiliana Pinna as a young princess of Mars, set long before John Carter travelled to Barsoom in the first novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. "A young princess Dejah has lived a sheltered existence so far, growing up safe behind vast and thick[...]
John Carter Of Mars
Chuck Brown, best known for the upcoming Aquamen as well as Bitter Root, On The Stump, Black Manta and Trenchoats Cigararettas And Shotguns, and Black Panther is working with George Kambadais of Firefly, The Double Life Of Miranda Turner, Dark Lily, Short Order Crooks, Black Ghost, and I Can Sell You A Body are launching[...]
Bitter Root Comic Adaptation From Regina King, Ryan Coogler On The Way
Walker, Sanford Greene, Chuck Brown, and Drapetomedia's Sean Owolo will executive produce The script is being rewritten by Bryan Edward Hill Deadline had the report after THR The acclaimed series received nominations for a 2019 Eisner Award for Best New Series and a 2019 Ringo award for Best Series Bitter Root will be King's second[...]
Chuck Brown and Prenzy Launch On The Stump in February, From Image Comics
Chuck Brown and Francesco "Prenzy" Chiappara are to launch a new comic book series, On The Stump, to be published by Image Comics in February 2020, lettered by Clayton Cowles, with a variant covers by Sanford Greene. Chuck Brown is a screenwriter and co-creator of comic book Rotten Apple with Sanford Greene, published by Dark Horse[...]
The Quiet Kind: When Marginalized Children Suddenly Find Themselves With Great Power
Dark Horse Comics has announced a new one-shot by writer Chuck Brown and artist Jeremy Treece exploring the concept of "what it means for young, marginalized children to suddenly find themselves in possession of a great, cosmic power." The 64-page one-shot is called The Quiet Kind, and also features a backup prequel story by Kelly[...]
Bitter Root #1: Racism Breeds Monsters in 1920s Harlem
The former creative team on Marvel's most recent Power Man and Iron Fist series – writer David F Walker (co-writing with Chuck Brown) and artist Sanford Greene's new Image series Bitter Root debuted this week – and it's a quirky fun book that seems to be reaching for some big themes. SUMMARY: Writers: David F[...]