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Coca-Cola Creations unveiled another new limited-time flavor hitting shelves today as you can try the new Y3000 flavor The company is boasting that this is the first futuristic flavor that has been co-created with human and artificial intelligence working together Essentially, it's supposed to be a taste of what the year 3000 might be like[...]
Coca-Cola Creations & Riot Games Launch New XP Flavor
Another customizable digital experience will be added to the Coca-Cola Creations Hub, allowing players to see themselves in their Ultimate form By taking a selfie, gamers will be able to transform into cinematic gaming heroes and discover their own gaming Ultimate journey Starting today, League of Legends players can unlock limited edition Ultimate emotes in-game through[...]
Coca-Cola Creations Announces New Move Flavor Featuring Rosalía
Coca-Cola Creations, the creative wing of the soda company, have revealed a brand new flavor called Coca-Cola Move, with a promotion for the new drink featuring singer Rosalía This brand-new flavor matches up with he series of flavors they released over the summer last year, giving people limited-edition flavors with a twist that you normally[...]