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Sasha Banks Stars In College Football Championship Game Opening
 The SmackDown superstar will be the lead in the opening video segment for the College Football National Championship Game tonight on ESPN  The football game, which will see the number three ranked University of Georgia Bulldogs take on the number one ranked University of Alabama Crimson Tide, is sure to be a ratings juggernaut, making this a pretty big[...]
Electronic Arts Will Be Bringing Back College Football Games
Electronic Arts revealed earlier today that they have teamed up with the CLC to bring back College Football games After a roughly seven-year hiatus, the two companies will be bringing back the series in an effort to simulate the experience of being a player for a college during football season You might recall, however, that[...]
HBO's Paterno: A Look at Al Pacino as Controversial Penn State Coach
Once renowned for having the most wins of any coach in college football history, Paterno's legacy is challenged as he is forced to face questions about the institution's failure to protect the victims and his own complicity in the systemic cover-up In 2011, Paterno was dismissed by Penn State in light of the fallout from[...]