Dimension 20: Shriek Week Brings Cryptids to College in New Trailer

College can be a horror show, but throw in some cryptids and fantasy elements, and you've got a perfect season for a Dimension 20 adventure. A new season, with special guests and game master, has approached with a trailer and behind-the-scenes looks at the setup and players.

Ghosts and ghouls of the world, get ready for Dimension 20: Shriek Week – a story of four college seniors looking for romance, purpose, and (sometimes) blood. Because here at Bram University, monsters and the children of horror icons are stepping out of the shadows and seeking higher education. But this year is unlike any other – love is in the air, cryptids are letting loose, and the most epic week in the university's history is underway.

Game Master Gabe Hicks leads a cast of comedy superstars including Ify Nwadiwe (Escape From the Bloodkeep), Dani Fernandez (Ralph Breaks the Internet), Lily Du (Tiny Heist), and Ally Beardsley (Fantasy High) in this special 4-episode event series airing exclusively on dropout.tv premiering Wednesday, November 10th.

Dimension 20 is Dropout.tv's anthology TTRPG actual-play series created by Brennan Lee Mulligan, and featuring a rotating pool of cast members and GMs, including Aabria Iyengar, Matthew Mercer, Emily Axford, Lou Wilson, Brian Murphy, Siobhan Thompson, Zac Oyama, Beardsley, Hicks, and more. Mulligan has been a cast member of CollegeHumor, starring in sketches such as Breaking News and Tide CEO. He also hosts a video podcast, The Adventuring Academy, outside of taking part in being a DM for various Dimension 20 seasons. Those seasons along with other shows such as WTF 101 and A Message From The CEO can be found on Dropout.tv, the streaming platform that hosts them, and all the Dimension 20 a nerdy D&D heart could desire.

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